As we near the holiday shopping season, stories like these make home crafting with recycled goods so much more appealing! T-shirt quilts anyone? 

So, another MongoDB mishap leads to customers' data being compromised, not just by ransomware group CRU3LTY, but potentially --- and certainly other cyber criminals. 

Customer data exposed includes names, emails, mailing addresses and the last four digits of credit card numbers.  Incidentally, 500 of the email addresses are from .gov or .mil domains. It's pretty clear to see how with a bit of extra work, hackers could access more information and do some real damage to some unsuspecting consumers. 

When are companies going to prioritize protecting their most valuable asset  ---  data? Start taking precautions now with full security audits and a proactive approach to threat intelligence with real-time exposure notifications from leaks and hacks.