Last year alone, we saw 14.9 billion raw identity records circulating in underground communities. While a large portion of those were recirculating old passwords, this doesn't stop cyber criminals from using them to their advantage.  Along with the billions of passwords to choose from, our personal information --- used as bait --- is up for grabs as well. 

As cyber criminals increasingly become more creative and personal, consumers need to be aware of the latest hoaxes and scams but that's not always possible.  If you're not reading security related news articles regularly, how are you supposed to keep up to date?

We need to become way more creative and organized when it comes to combatting cybercrime: work together to surface insider threats compromising businesses and their consumers, unmask bad actors conducting malicious campaigns, educate each other across companies and organizations on the latest tactics, trends and strategies, and disseminate information and awareness to all levels of consumers is a good start.