Gnosticplayers, who is known for dumping nearly 1 Billion user records from 44 companies in a series of collection packages earlier this year, has claimed to have hacked social media gaming giant --- Zynga. User data belonging to games "Words with Friends" and "Draw Something" includes player names, emails, login IDs, Zynga account IDs, hashed passwords (SHA1 with salt), password reset tokens (if requested), phone numbers (if provided) and Facebook IDs (if connected). 

The sunsetted "OMGPop" game was also hacked, exposing 7 billion clear text passwords. While most app developers these days know better than to store passwords in clear text, companies need to ensure that old data sets are also properly secured and up to date with the latest standards and best practices. 

Consumer password reuse continues to be pervasive practice, leading to more serious consequences such as account takeover, identity theft, and other privacy and security intrusions. Unique, complicated passwords for each login and alerts from a trusted identity theft provider to notify you on exposed credentials circulating in the deep and dark web is strongly recommended.