Sharing content to social media is a cornerstone of modern culture. As a society, we increasingly engage with our social circles via public or semi-public status updates, often including personal details about ourselves, our family and even our children. But we often overshare. 

What you may have never considered to be a revealing detail in your social media post could be exactly the information an identity thief needs. For example, details in the background of a photo you post could give away information that could be used in conjunction with other readily available information to steal your identity.

Furthermore, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting children's identities, as they often have a blank credit history that, when tarnished, may go unnoticed for years. 

In addition to the traditional safeguards you can take (enrolling in identity monitoring and freezing credit), experts strongly recommend limiting your social media posts and making certain you don't overshare. You have control over what you post online, so take care to ensure you're not handing over valuable information to cyber criminals on a silver platter.