Last week, the FBI indicted Maksim V. Yakubets, also known as “aqua,” the alleged leader of Russian-based cybercriminal organization “Evil Corp.” Dating back to 2011, the hacker group steadily evolved Bugat – dubbed one of the most widespread and destructive malware and banking trojans in the world – resulting in losses of $100 million or more across hundreds of banks. Now, the U.S. government is offering a record $5 million for information leading to Yakubets’ arrest. This is the largest reward the US government has ever offered for a cyber criminal. 

Cybercriminals, like Yakubets, continue to adapt and evolve their level of sophistication, but as Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski stated, this case “demonstrate[s] our commitment to unmasking the perpetrators behind the world’s most egregious cyberattacks.” Through uncovering the identities of our cyber adversaries, we are able to disrupt and prevent future attacks.