During COVID-19 outbreak, one thing that has spiked as much as the spread of the virus is the phishing and malware attacks. Our healthcare community and professionals are doing their best to treat the affected people during the crisis. But at the same time, they face challenges as the attacker's uses the fear of COVID-19 to flood emails and websites with phishing attacks, malware, ransomware scams, stealing passwords and personal information capitalizing on the pandemic.

In these crucial times, cybersecurity leaders have come together to help the real heroes who are at the frontline fighting the COVID-19 and protect them from cyber-related threats amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 CTI League and C5 Alliance are groups of major cybersecurity organizations joining hands from around the world to work together to combat threats against medical facilities. C5 Alliance is a response to a 150% increase in healthcare cyberattacks in the last two months, such as phishing emails, business email compromise incidents and ransomware. The leading cybersecurity firms, including  ITC Secure, IronNet, Haven Cyber Technologies, Enveil, 4iQ, and Blue Cedar, are offering a hand to the healthcare industry to combat the new threats.

We at 4iQ are doing our bit by offering Free Domain watch for Healthcare organizations, assessing exposed domains and compromised credentials within our proprietary 4iQ IDLake™  and monitoring exposure within deep and dark web sources for 90 days.