On April 6, 2020, TAIT, one of the world's leading live event solutions provider, disclosed a data breach that exposed the personal and financial information of some of its employees by an unauthorized party gained access to one of the company's servers and the email accounts. Some of TAIT's clients include NASA, Disney, Universal, Nike, Metallica, U2, Microsoft, MTV, The Olympics, Eurovision, The Rolling Stones and many others. 

Upon investigation, they found TAIT's servers were hacked by the attackers almost two months prior on February 16, 2020. Although the company took measures after the breach occurred and reset their server login credentials and strengthen their security posture, they are urging affected individuals to keep an eye out for fraud or any suspicious activity with their accounts.

Data breaches exposing PII put individuals and companies at risk of identity theft, account takeover, business email compromise and other fraudulent activities. Individuals and employees should secure their devices, use a password manager and 2FA if possible and sign up for identity theft protection services as best cyber hygiene practice. 

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