Clubhouse joins the ranks of Facebook and LinkedIn in having a mass of user data scraped from their platform and exposed online. The startup social media app has responded to the incident assuring the public their platform has not been hacked, and that all the scraped data is meant to be public user data. While this is good news for Clubhouse's security team, it still exposes a trove of user data to potentially malicious hackers to exploit. 

When signing up for any online platform, it is important to limit the information you provide as much as possible. Even though Clubhouse intended for this information to be public, when the data is collected and stored out of Clubhouse's control, hackers can take advantage of this to automate scams and other attacks against the individuals' whose data has been exposed.

If you believe your information has been exposed in this Clubhouse exploit, or in any other data breach, signing up for an identity monitoring service is critical. Stay informed about where and how your personal data has been exposed, and use this knowledge to stay ahead of potential scammers.